School 4

The school

An 11-18 mixed community comprehensive school with 1,400 students on roll serving an area of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. The proportion of students known to be eligible for free school meals is 18.5%. Just fewer than 10% of students have a Special Educational Needs statement or are on School Action Plus. A small minority (just over 4%) do not have English as their first language.

The participants

Five practical sessions were delivered to 4 science teachers by the community musician in one cycle of activity.

The project

The project provided opportunities for KS3 science teachers to reflect on their approaches to teaching and learning through participation in a musical learning process. The musician worked with teachers at various stages in their teaching experience, teaching them, as complete beginners, to play the steel pans.
The teachers were supported to reflect on their learning during the activity, gathering reflections through an online Posterous site, as well as video, audio and photographic data. The reflective activities supported them to develop insights into how they learn in an unfamiliar setting, which in turn informed their approaches to designing learning for their KS3 students.
The project culminated in a final performance for teaching colleagues.